Ever evolving Fashion Powerhouse, Mudi Africa releases some of his most penetrat…

Ever evolving Fashion Powerhouse, Mudi Africa releases some of his most penetrative designs ever, in this collection which promises to arouse the senses and push boundaries far beyond heights even Mudi would dare to fathom

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Mudi fuses a retro feel in this pants/shoe combo in what is looking like an ode to the Roca feel jazz moment of the 70s but is really a pragmatic fusion of a thought process that drives a classic union that merges feet, pants and essence.

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Nothing screams careless abandon than this head to knee zipped hooded top on smooth black pants. Perfect for that late night pseudo formal gathering

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A playful ode to the dark prince of Gotham and an ankle length pant that tapers off to exquisite Egyptian Sandals shows Mudis hold on the millennial mindset while still paying homage to maturity of confidence

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This pant used to be a shirt showing the transformational mindset of the designer who is not limited by static lines bit emboldened by the curiosity of the possible.

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..my personal favourite. Mudi plays with dark themes, crisscrossing a dark eclectic silhouette that pushes not only physical boundaries but yhe true essence of the Man who will adorn ‘A Mudi’

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..a risqué ensemble that shows the deep thoughts that goes into a classic Mudi Expression of self. The mosaic coloring is a bold and confidence play on talent as it sits elegantly on black robust pinstripes. Powerful

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Mudi in this exquisite ensemble shows his playful and mishevoous side with a strong Gothic showing and a playful hood that screams pure boundary surfing class

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The red tapings around the huge and engaging pockets on this pants dares the Normal. Perfectly curated on a white top with dropping tails shows Mudi daring the Status Quo


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