EYM Condemns PDP,s Swapping of Odia with Yau as Deputy Senate Minority Whip, Vow to Resist the injustice done to an Esan son except…

EYM Condemns PDP,s Swapping of Odia with Yau as Deputy Senate Minority Whip, Vow to Resist the injustice done to an Esan son except…

The Esan Youths Movement, the apex social cultural development organization of Esan people of South South Nigeria have condemned in totality the Peoples Democratic Party’s swapping of the position of Deputy Senate Minority Whip from Senator Clifford Ordia
(Edo Central Senatorial District) to Senator Sahabi Yau ( Zamfara North).

The Esan Youths Movement as ably led by its National President, Comrade Kingsley Ohens has condemned in totality this imbalanced and undemocratic decision by the PDP National leadership.

Speaking to newsmen at EYM Secretariat in the University town of Ekpoma, Comrade Ohens declare the action of the PDP as reckless, undemocratic and an outright violation of the provision of the constitution of Nigeria which provide for a federal character.

According to him, all the juicy positions from the presidency to the Senate presidents including appointments to service chiefs are already in the hands of the northerners and the southwest people. The position of the Deputy Senate Minority Chief Whip is the least juicy position that at least shows that Edo is ably represented and now it has been taken away recklessly and given yet to another Northern Senator as if the Edo people cum Esan people do not matter in the National Government. This is an oppression and a disgrace against the minority group especially the Esan Nation and Esan Youths Movement will resist the move at all cost except the PDP renege on the decision and return to status quo by returning Ordia to his position “, he said.

Drawing heavily from the history of the making of modern Nigeria, Comrade Ohens opined that “the Esan man, Chief Anthony Enahoro is the father of the Nigerian Nation. Chief Enaholo moved the motion for Independence at the Federal Parliament, an action which led to the freedom we enjoy today as a country. He Enahoro was instrumental to the preservation of the unity of this country owing to the great role he played as the Federal Commissioner of information during the Civil War. The Esan people are very strategic and resourceful in nation building and thus cannot be sidelined.”

Comrade Ohens therefore call on all Esan people all over the world to condemn this monumental disgrace and ill treatment melted on an illustrious Esan son by the national leadership of the PDP.

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