Final passage of the $900 billion package came after Hill leaders announced Sund…

Final passage of the $900 billion package came after Hill leaders announced Sunday evening they had finally reached a deal after months of bitter partisan stalemate. Here are key provisions that will be included as part of the agreement, according to summaries of the legislation released by Democratic and GOP leadership:⁠

•Direct payment checks of up to $600 per adult and child⁠
Yeah ⁠

•Aid for struggling small businesses, including more than $284 billion for forgivable Paycheck Protection Program loans and $15 billion “in dedicated funding for live venues, independent movie theaters, and cultural institutions”⁠

•$300 per week for enhanced unemployment insurance benefits⁠

•$20 billion to buy vaccines and make “the vaccine available at no charge for anyone who needs it” and $8 billion for vaccine distribution⁠

•$20 billion for coronavirus testing efforts⁠

•$25 billion for rental assistance and an eviction moratorium extension⁠

•$82 billion for education providers like schools and colleges, including aid to help reopen classrooms safely and $10 billion for child care assistance⁠

•The deal will rescind “$429 billion in unused funds provided by the CARES Act for the Federal Reserve’s emergency lending facilities”⁠

•$13 billion in increased Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and child nutrition benefits⁠

•$7 billion to bolster broadband access to help Americans connect remotely during the pandemic⁠

•$45 billion to support transportation services, including $2 billion for airports, $1 billion for Amtrak and $16 billion for “another round of airline employee and contractor payroll support”⁠

•A tax credit “to support employers offering paid sick leave”⁠

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  1. Except just like first round of checks I won’t get this one either. Thanks for forgetting about me US Government!! I fucking hate you!!!!

  2. amazing, americans will be getting $600 while egypt gets A BILLION DOLLARS, gotta love it when stimulus packages not only give money to foreign countries but they get way more than what we do

  3. Once the Dems are in charge, we won’t have to get in line behind the rich when it comes to taking care of the American people.

  4. While the GOP prevented adequate financial relief to working families, they did get:

    -$120 billion tax break for business owners in the 1%
    -$6.3 billion tax break for a 3-martini lunch
    -$4.2 billion tax break for offshore tax scams
    -$2 billion for the space force


  5. final stimulus package: each adult and child will get one (1) pair of socks, some loose AAA batteries from 2002, three hershey’s kisses that melted and then hardened again, and a crumpled up dollar bill. the myPillow guy will get four yachts and a ping pong table made of pure gold

  6. The United States is the ghetto and embarrassing. There’s nothing patriotic about being cheap with your people. It’s a disappointment to say the least.

  7. We shouldn’t be sending American taxpayer dollars over to foreign countries for aid while the American people get crumbs that will not relieve them of all they have lost due to these senseless lockdowns!


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