Follow Gillette, Wyoming, is the energy capital of the United States. After t…

Follow ➡️ @cnnclimate ➡️ Gillette, Wyoming, is the energy capital of the United States. After the election, resident Steve Gray left CNN a voicemail saying he feared Gillette will become a ghost town under President Joe Biden. CNN contributor @jdsutter travels to Gillette to meet Steve and asks: In the fight against the climate crisis, what do we owe the workers who have helped power America for decades?


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  1. “Oh nooo these new technologies allow us to produce more food with less workers, what will those workers do now oh nooo what will happen to us poor farmers”

  2. 1000 jobs can’t be more important than the whole planet….I would say that the best way to support these workers is to provide them with the resources necessary to do a different job

  3. This is how capitalism works though, either a business gets with the times and finds ways to stay afloat or they drown refusing, if Gillette wants to stay afloat it simply needs to do what other companies are doing and implement plans to slowly faze out of the coal and refinery industry and convert to renewable energy

  4. Coal and oil do great harm to our environment. We need to train these workers to do something else. Biden’s plan is to create good paying jobs through infrastructure and climate friendly jobs

  5. Can we have these people step into 2021. They have had knowledge that coal sales were decreasing for over 10 years. Change with the times. The same way every other industry has.

  6. Just how the governing bodies should help those in the marijuana industry who were harmed by the crime bill, the governing bodies should find a way to help those in this industry transition to clean energy. But like always greed and politics. Smh. It’s clearly not about having enough money because the US cuts checks out of nowhere. Just make it happen.

  7. This whole earth is going to be a ghost town at the rate we been exploiting it. These towns are already been ghost looking. Also that “so call great business man” that was occupying the White House didn’t leave the country better, he didn’t flex his business “savvy” muscles around… wait, he is bankrupt and was rescued time after time by his daddy. Change is unstoppable and I hope that the new generations of Environmental scientists do what they can to save our planet and help bring new ideas to create new jobs. If this industry was soooo amazing for everyone that works in it, shouldn’t they be feeling set for life, shouldn’t the poverty in those parts of the country already been gone, doing great with generational wealth and progress. But no it hasn’t.

  8. Here’s one potential answer: create new jobs utilizing new alternative energy sources BEFORE you wind these industries down AND target these affected workers so that the transition from work in an old energy economy to work in a new clean energy economy is seamless. Adapting to change shouldn’t be painful, it needs to be rewarding on these very basic levels. 👍


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