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Follow ➡️ @cnnclimate ➡️ Summer weather could grow to half a year in length by the end of this century if no mitigation efforts are done on climate change, according to a new study. In about the past 60 years, summer has increased by 17 days on average across the globe. “Summers are getting longer and hotter while winters shorter and warmer due to global warming,” said Yuping Guan, lead author of the study. Sure, longer summers may sound great for a family vacation or enjoying the outdoors, but this extended season could significantly impact our health, the environment and agriculture. Heat waves could grow longer, mosquito-borne illnesses could become more widespread, allergy season from pollen could turn more severe and the growing season of crops will be longer. Tap the link in our bio to learn more about the study.⁠

(📸: Loic Venance/AFP via Getty Images)⁠

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  2. If our weather tsar will stop flying jets to the meetings, it might mitigate the weather too😤😤😤

  3. Look I’m gonna try to do whatever I can to help slow climate change but tbh thank God I won’t be around by 2100

  4. Lawmakers won’t care because they know they’ll all be dead and none of them have any motivation to act in any way other than with complete selfishness and greed.

  5. Capitalism and conservatives are the Great Barrier that have prevented interstellar civilizations from emerging in the observable universe.


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