Following widespread power outages that left many Texas residents in the dark fo…

Following widespread power outages that left many Texas residents in the dark for days, the head of the organization overseeing the state’s power grid has been fired. Bill Magness, president and CEO of Electric Reliability Council of Texas, was terminated after an emergency meeting Wednesday night. Five board members have already resigned.⁠

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  1. 😂 They fire these people with huge severance packages worth tens of millions. He’s going to be ok.

  2. Poor guy lost his job and will probably only be compensated with a 10 million dollar severance package. Let start a go fund me for him 🙏

  3. They knew that their infrastructure was poor and inadequate but they want to blame one man. These companies are all the same. They cut corners for years and then we die from their mistakes. Then they fire one guy and go on doing the same shit like nothing happened.

  4. That’s what happens when you have an archaic brain. Same with that governor. Time to evolve ppl

  5. Straw man. It was ENTIRELY just another Republican failure – driven by politics, greed, incompetence and a hatred of science, math, history and all other forms of knowledge and reason.

  6. and the true culprits sheltered with the impunity of their privileges it is time to turn texas blue and teach a lesson to the republicans who are the true culprits governor and ted cruz out


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