Germany election 2021: Social Democrats and Merkel’s CDU neck-and-neck in chancellor race, exit poll says | World news

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Second exit poll puts Social Democrats marginally ahead


Social Democrats and Merkel’s CDU tied in race to succeed outgoing chancellor, exit poll says


Minutes before the first exit polls, chaotic scenes have been reported in the German capital where voters are casting their ballot not just for the federal elections but also a new parliament in Berlin – as well as in a historic referendum on whether authorities should be allowed to seize and take into public ownership more than 200,000 homes.

Some polling stations had to shut their doors after they ran out of voting papers. Some subsequently received the wrong type of ballot paper which failed to include the option to vote for the Berlin parliament in their district.

Voting stations 44, 407 and 408 were involved in the embarrassing mix up, according to the daily Tagesspiegel. Some voting papers had to be declared invalid as a result.

Voters reported having to wait outside polling stations for up to an hour before they could cast their ballots. Some officials put the chaos down to the Berlin Marathon which has been taking place today, blocking many streets and leading to traffic jams.

Geert Baasen, spokesman for the state election administration in Berlin said those queuing should not be concerned that they will miss out. Polling stations are due to close at 6pm local time but anyone in the queue before 6pm will still be allowed to vote.

Polling station turnout dips, postal votes soar



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