Germany will go into a “hard” national lockdown with all non-essential shops, se…

Germany will go into a “hard” national lockdown with all non-essential shops, services and schools closing next week until January 10. Christmas Day gatherings will be reduced from 10 people to only five from two different households. The new measures take aim at traditional festivities: Christmas church services will be subject to prior registration with no singing allowed, alcohol is to be banned from all public spaces and an annual New Year’s Eve fireworks display will be canceled. Germany reported record daily deaths Friday, with nearly 600 fatalities tallied in a span of 24 hours. Tap the link in our bio to learn more. (📸: Ole Spata/Picture Alliance/Getty Images)

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  1. Imagine if they did this in America. People would be like “ThaTs nOt iN tHe SpIrIt of ChRiStMaS” and would be going out to protest because it’s “a MaJoR ChRiStiAn TraDitiOn. JeSus WoUldN’t WeaR a MasK. WhY sHoUld wE?” 😂

  2. at least they are helping the people. meanwhile the richest country in the world doesnt want to help the people only money for a wall,military and guns 👏😘

  3. As a German living in Germany I have to say the vast majority supports this lockdown even though everybody has wished for something else. This crisis is a challenge no one ask for but still we need to go through this together. Just a small minority (often right wings and conspiracy theorists) are against the lockdown. But in general these kind of people are very uneducated.


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