Governor Godwin Obaseki will make Edo State a Pace Setter in Nigeria- Hon Belinda Orobor – Nigerian Observer

BENIN CITY- A Former Vice Chairman, Oredo Local Government Area, Hon Lady Belinda Uwa Ogiefa Orobor says the Supreme Court Judgment was already dead on arrival because the University Governor Godwin Obaseki attended already made it clear that the certificate was not forged.

Speaking to newsmen in Benin City, Hon Belinda Orobor who maintained that Edo state will be a pace setter state in the country said it was surprising that the kept hammering on that issue, adding that anybody that knows how the law operates having been dismissed in the Appeal Court already knows that there was nothing the Supreme Court is going to do than to take the judgment as it is by the Appeal Court.

“The pressure that was mounted on most of us was that it was already settled they are going to remove the governor. I do not know where they got that information from because we know that it was God who ordained him to be governor and the grace of God is upon his life.

“I received several telephone calls from across the country, the United States of America, Canada that we should sit up that the judgment was going to be negative. I prayed to God that it cannot happen, you ordained this man, he did not just come because he wants to be governor. It was settled in heaven and the grace of God is upon his life. We are blessed with him. I kept praying.

“I did not know where to channel my worries but to keep on praying. I went to the Government house Chapel because every last Friday of the month the first lady of Edo State raised an altar even before the struggle. We always go there every last Friday of the month to pray for the state, our individual families and to worship God.

“While we were at the Chapel my worries continued, but we kept on praying and not quite long the news came and we started jubilating, praising God.

“I want to sincerely thank the Judiciary; they have shown that they can stand for the common man. We now have hope that when a case is taken to the court, both the lower court and the higher court, that if God is with you and you are genuine in anything you have done the court will vindicate you. That is what the Supreme Court has proven because the federal might the opposition put their trust in failed them.

“The Supreme Court did not fail Nigerians, did not fail Edo people and therefore we give kudos to the Supreme Court judges, the Appeal Court Judges.

“To our dear Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki, and his deputy Comrade Philip Shaiub and the Secretary to the state Government, Osarodion Ogie Esq for not letting us down, and may celebration never cease in their lives and we will continue to work in the state in one accord and take Edo State to the next level of prosperity, progress

“Edo is not Imo State so their expectations have been cut short to the glory of God the father, the son and the holy spirit and they should know that God has hand in Edo State, He has special thing in Edo state that we do not understand and it is high time that people sit down and see that this state truly the heart beat of the nation.

“This state is very close to the heart of Jesus and God will turn everything around for our good in this state no matter what we are feeling, no matter what you are seeing, no matter what you are hearing God hand is upon this state.

“Edo State is going to be a pace setter to other states because God hand is upon this state” she noted.

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