Hello everyone, My name is Benedicta Elechi, I am the managing director of Tast…

Hello everyone,
My name is Benedicta Elechi, I am the managing director of Tastebudz Eastern And Riverine cuisine Nigeria limited.
I want to use this medium to call the attention of well meaning Nigerians and concerned parents to Greensprings secondary school Awoyaya, were my son attends.

Despite my serving them with a duly filed motion for a stay of execution and appeal.
Greensprings School Awoyaya went ahead to release my son to my ex husband, Paul Odekina which, in my humble opinion, is an error in their interpretation of the law as concerns stay of execution and appeal. For a case which is only in the first instance and can go as high as the Supreme Court of Nigeria, before decisive measures can be taken.

In this instance, maintaining status quo should have been the norm, as against taking steps, that in my humble opinion seem very prejudiced and mischievous.

To say that I am totally disapointed is an understatement. For a school that claims to be child centered.
Prior to this, we had a standing agreement on paper that my son was supposed to spend the Chrismas holidays with his Father while he spends the Easter holidays with me.
I ensured that my son spent his Chrismas with his father.
But getting to my turn for the Easter holidays, my son was released to my ex husband Paul Odekina, despite letters from my legal team to the school, informing them to honor the appeal and the stay of execution.

None of the other schools my children attend made such an ignorant blunder, after receiving my application for a Stay of execution and Appeal, there by affirming my suspicion of a collusion between the management off Greensprings school and my ex husband Paul Odekina.

My question for Greensprings school Management, Awoyaya is:

1: For an organization like yours that has been in existence for over 30years, I believe you must have an experienced legal team to advise on the implications of a Stay of execution. Why did the Green springs school management choose not to maintain the status quo, despite being duly served?


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