Hon Egbele to Host School pupils on Children’s Day – by Osajele Godsent Jomo

Hon Egbele to Host School pupils on Children’s Day – by Osajele Godsent Jomo

Hon Davidson Egbele, former Councillor ward 8 Ewu is set to host the 2019 Children’s day celebration with School pupils in Ewu.

This was contained in a statement released to the general public via social media and also made available to the mass media.

According to Hon Davidson Onus Egbele, this year edition will hold as usual at his compound in Idunwele Ewu Edo state on Monday the 27th day of May 2019 beginning from 10am.

The event which has held consistently for a decade is aimed at providing a platform for school children to have fun and take part in educational and recreational activities.

Egbele used the medium to
seek for public support to Feed,Support and Celebrate the Children of our Land! According to him,
You and I can pick, feed, train, lift or at least pray for a Child!
With our collective efforts,the destiny of our Children can be enhanced. Their future can be made bigger,brighter and better through our singular or combined act of philanthropy. Hunger is a global problem and a child not well fed can hardly assimilate like those that are well fed and nourished a hungry child is an angry child. You and I can rescue a child from the collective enemies of Childhood which are hunger,diseases and poverty. A politician thinks about the next election but a statesman thinks about the next generation. Let us all support the next generation(our children)
The child you support today may be the child to build our community tomorrow. Support the welfare and education of our children. Collectively, we can catch them young and watch them grow. Feed a child,give an Exercise book,give a pen or a mathematical set. An eraser,a sharpener and a pencil can stimulate and fascinate the learning interest of a child. Yes, You can change the torn and tattered uniform of a child by sewing a new one,you can buy a school bag for a child. Of course, we can buy sandals for one or two of them. A good drawing book for an indigent child can make an Engineer or an Architect of him or her latter in future.

Join me to feed,support and celebrate our children. They are the Leaders of Tomorrow! Hon Onus Davidson Egbele said. He can be reached on 08033830578.

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