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Affiliate programs have gained massive popularity in recent years, and Nigeria is not an exception. More and more young people are looking for ways to generate profit. If you are looking for the fastest and potent way to make good money, the financial market industry is your best choice. Affiliate business has several advantages. You don’t need to go to the office every day and sit in front of the computer screen for hours. But the best benefit of affiliate programs is that a partner can generate guaranteed profit in the financial markets and earn as much revenue as a trader/investor or even more without risking his own capital. You can join an affiliate program and earn passive income by referring customers. Or you can start a full-fledged business as an introducing broker (IB).

AMarkets is a globally recognized online broker that operates in Nigeria. It has a huge affiliate network with thousands of partners worldwide. Cooperation conditions provided by the broker are some of the best in the industry. To date, AMarkets partners have received more than $20 000 000 in cash and hundreds of gifts from the company for their loyalty and effective work. The broker offers a lucrative affiliate program with two cooperation models – Agent and Webmaster. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these cooperation models and see how much you can earn.


The Webmaster earnings model (СPL+CPA) allows you to get high one-time payments for targeted registrations and for the funded accounts (when traffic and registrations are converted into clients).

How to earn as a Webmaster:

Say you referred 10 active clients, and each of them deposited at least $1000. After a 10-day moderation period with the “Pro” package of remuneration rates, you will receive $10 for each registered and verified account and $150 per active client. So you will earn a $1600 partner reward.

New Webmasters can get $150 if they do a review about AMarkets and post it on their resource. It’s a great offer that allows you to earn your first money right at the start.

Also, during your first month of cooperation, AMarkets will give you the highest remuneration rate that comes with the Pro package. You can keep it for the whole period of your cooperation if you keep attracting 10 or more active clients per month.


This classic affiliate business model will be suitable for entrepreneurs and individual consultants who want to start their own business. Within the Agent model, you will receive a steady income from your referred clients’ trading turnover. This type of cooperation is based on a revenue share model, and it will allow you to earn up to 60% of the company’s revenue. All you need to do is invite traders and investors and get a stable commission from their trading activity, regardless of their trading success. AMarkets pays up to $15 per lot, which is some of the highest remuneration rates in the industry. On average, agents earn 5-10% of each client’s deposit every month.

How to earn as an Agent:

Imagine you invited 10 clients who altogether deposited $30 000. According to statistics, such an amount of money can generate 300 lots every month. With the highest remuneration rate, you will receive $15 per each lot traded (from clients on “Classic” accounts), so your monthly income will be $4 500. Another great thing about this model is that it’s multilevel. It means that you can build your own network of second- and third-level partners and get an extra income from their activity as well. So, your income here is only limited by your imagination – it’s up to you how much you can with this affiliate program.

As you can see, affiliate business is extremely profitable. Both webmasters and agents can generate higher margins compared to any other industry. Plus, this type of earnings is available to everyone regardless of their age, occupation and experience in the financial markets. So, if you are looking to start a successful business in Nigeria, it’s definitely worth paying attention to affiliate programs.

Still not convinced? Check out these real cases and success stories of AMarkets partners and see for yourself:

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