The use of ‘ mh and rh ‘ word: We discuss in previous ESAN leaning sessions that these words are only been used to write a sentences and also these words belong to Esan consonant . Incase of sentence writing, we should know more about word and meaning in Esan language as we earlier discussed. Now let us learn how to write in sentences. Eg:

1. Before the world was created mean ‘okue se onan gbonan amhalen’
2. The word already existed mean ‘onon ota ki yenlen fo’
3. He was with God and the same as God mean ‘odaa no Osenobulua bi oda kion kpa bho bo Osenobulua’
4. From the very beginning the word was with God mean ‘rhe na bhi mhuhen, onota daa nin Osenobulua’
5. Through him God made all things mean ‘bhi obole Osenobulua da mhin emhinlin rhe bhe’
6. Not one thing in all creation was made without him mean ‘abha mhie mhinlin okpa nan mhalen non kere nan lulu non bha nobole’
7. The word was the source of life mean ‘ononta ole rhi emhian gbon rhe’
8. And this life brought light to mankind mean ‘bi onan emhuangbon non mhuefua jia agbon’
9. The light shine in the darkness and the darkness put it out mean ‘onefua da bhala kuo bhi ojobilin bi onin ojobilin da sikie

To write others sentences like this; eg:
1. These are the shoes which i bought yesterday and today mean ‘onan enin bata nin mhen dele bhi node bi elenan’
2. I do not know the house where i was born mean ‘imhen bha len uwa nan da bie mhen’
3. Why the sun always risis in the east mean ‘bezele novonlen da mhaman mhuhen bhosin east’
4. That is my first son mean ‘oni omon non dion nonse

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