How now – bo dia ye
Come here – vae bhe enan
Christ hear us – kristi rhe eho mhan bho
Christ graciously hear us – kristi man man rhe eho mhan bho
Let us go – jin mhan akhian 
God the father of heaven – osenobulua erha mhan non rhi
bho okhun
Where did you go – eje uwe yolo 
God the son , redeemer of the
world – osenobulua non omon non fan agbon
Where are you going – eje we khian
God the holy spirit – osenobulua nen elimhin non khiale
When are you coming back – ede la uwe avade
Who created you – kho man en
Why did you leave there – ebezele nuwe da si bhe ni rhe
God created me – osenobulua man mhen
Let us unite – bha ja kugbe
God unite Esan people-osenobulua
kue Esan no okpebho kugbe
What shall we do-ebe mhan aluye
Can we come – ni mhan vae
How is the body – one egbe
How is your children – eni bho khan ne se bho
Ark of the covenant – oko non seba vele
Gate of heaven – odo okhun
Morning star – alo uki hinmhin oje
Health of the sick – egbe dan non si ene khonmhon
Refuge of sinners – ofulu non se ene lu emhin ebe
Queen of patriarchs – oje non se ene bie mhan de
Who is that – obho khon ni
Who is this – obho khon nan
Who are those – ebho khe ni
Who are these – ebho khe nan
What do they want-ebele gua non
You are welcome – ibha obo khian
Where did your father go-eje abae khian
Where did your mother go – eje inen khian
My father went to farm – aba mhen khin ugbo
My mother went to market – inen mhen khin eki
Queen of confessors – oje enan kozi man rhe bhe
Queen of all saints – oje enan sei rhe bhe
Where are you now – eje uwe ki ye yan
I am in Lagos – imen rhi bhe eko
When are you going to Esan – ede la uwe khie Esan

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