Hundreds of buses stretched over miles of winding road were ferrying thousands o…

Hundreds of buses stretched over miles of winding road were ferrying thousands of worshipers off Mount Meron in northern Israel on Friday after 45 people were killed and some 150 others injured in a crush at a mass Jewish gathering overnight. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the incident a “huge disaster,” while paramedics described chaotic scenes of teams administering CPR en masse to people, including children, lying breathless on the ground. Israeli investigators are examining exactly how the crush happened at the mountain, where worshipers marked the Lag B’Omer holiday, an annual event where participants sing, dance and light fires in homage to second-century sage Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai at his burial site. Tap the link in our bio for more on this developing story. ⁠

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  1. 44 and counting people died from being crushed, it’s not the people’s fault , it’s the police for letting that amount of people 4 times the allowed amount

  2. To people saying this stuff only happens in religion, this shit happens when you overpack. Hell, it happened at Metallica shows in the 80s and even a Guns N Roses show.

  3. 😢.. Rest In Peace to deceased soul.. those who are injured may you all recover soon.. prayers to all of you

  4. Why they arranging religious festival in the middle of pandemic. God is busy with doctors and scientists who are doing thier job to save people. He don’t have time for this stupidity

  5. This wasn’t “A” crush, whatever the hell you mean by that. It was a stampede that crushed people.

  6. I feel bad for the kids because it isn’t their fault. But I have no sympathy for these worshippers. Following religion got people killed and hurt. #BANRELIGION

  7. The comments here are disgusting. Do you want to hear what happened? The place collapsed and people fell on top of each other. There were piles of dead bodies. Small children were lost. Old women and pregnant women fell to the ground while other people stepped on them becausethey didn’tsaw them on the ground. All exits were blocked and at least 80 people were crammed into each bus and people had no air. Everyone shouted that they couldn’t breathe. Hospitals are full and families travel all over the country some even on foot to look for the people they lost.


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