Hundreds protested Sunday night after a police officer shot a Black man who died…

Hundreds protested Sunday night after a police officer shot a Black man who died following a traffic stop in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Center — about 10 miles from where former officer Derek Chauvin is on trial for the killing of George Floyd. The state deployed the Minnesota National Guard. Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz identified the man killed in Sunday’s incident as 20-year-old Daunte Wright. Tap the link in our bio for more.⁠

(📸: Christian Monterrosa/AP)

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  1. Yall cry about the Capitol that a majority of Republicans condemn but praise unlawful actions and rioting

  2. Ya’ll police officers have to GROW UP !!!!!!! God forbid this situation happens to one of your family members and it’s done by another cop. I wonder if you would care then.

  3. Imagine if that many people protested every time an officer was killed for simply doing his/her job. Food for thought.🤔

  4. Wow. If you want to know why this is still happening, watch Two Distant Strangers on Netflix. It’s happening because they don’t want to change and will not stop hunting us. It’s intentional.

  5. Police departments around the world all have their fair share of issues surrounding race and discrimination but I feel like Minneapolis is really taking the cake…

  6. You cannot protect & serve the community if ur terrified OR hate that community. Go do something else. PLEASE

  7. Not people justifying MURDER because of a TRAFFIC STOP and calling him a criminal 🤦‍♀️. It’s the ignorance for me

  8. This is so tragic and this abuse of power won’t stop until there’s real consequences for their actions. That cop needs to be arrested for murder.


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