I Deserves Commendation From My Constituency For Standing on Truth – Hon Victor Edoror

I Deserves Commendation From My Constituency For Standing on Truth – Hon Victor Edoror

21st August, 2019

The member elect representing Esan Central Local Government Area at the Edo State House of Assembly, Hon Victor Sabor Edoror finally aired his views and position on the issues currently ongoing at the Edo 7th Assembly ranging from improper issuance of letter of proclamation by the Governor to issues of his battle in court to right the monumental injustice perpetrated by the governor on the House of Assembly.

Hon Edoror told Esan.tv that as a freedom fighter, he will never succumbed to such injustice no matter the cost and the time it will take him to correct the wrong.

According to him, what he deserve from his constituency is commendation and not condemnation. Because he stood on the truth and his position is unshaken because of what he believed to be the right and lawful process to follow in inaugurating a House of Assembly according to the constitution of the land.

A situation whereby a proper letter was not issued for inauguration and some member elect where inaugurated under duress in the night in absence of their family members is anti democracy and must be condemned by all sincere people.

He said he has no issues with who becomes the speaker but that the right thing should be done.

Responding to questions that worse executive rascality was done in previous administration regarding House of Assembly leadership in Edo State, Hon Edoror said two wrongs cannot make a right.

Honourable Edodor is highly confident that he will triumph in the process because he stand on justice. One with the law is majority. Watch out as event unfolds in due course. The President of the Federation has kicked against the illegality in Bauchi and Edo Houses of Assembly and intend to right the wrongs as soon as the Ministers are sworn in. The minority cannot lord over the majority in the house and make the house become a puppet of the Governor.

According to him, what Esan don’t know is that he Edoror is not fighting for himself but fighting for the entire Esan Nation. They want to again deprive the Esan from becoming governor in 2024 because of the new alignment between Philip Shaibu and Obaseki. They already put modalities in place to ensure Esan lose out from the political equation in 2024. This is what I am fighting against. The position of the governor totalled all the other government elective and appointment position. This is why they are impoverishing the Esan people so that non will have the financial might to withstand them in future elections.

Its not just going to House of Assembly to speak English but to attract the dividends of democracy to your people and this is not possible when the house of assembly is a puppet of the governor.

Since the history of house of assembly representation in my constituency, its on record that I have attracted more dividends to my constituency than all those before me. This is why I am able to triumph in all my travails.

This is why they are fighting me because they know I always stand on truth. And I will remain so.

On issues on his receiving his full entitlements following court judgement in the last Assembly, Hon Edoror said he has not been paid a dime since 2 years. The state government refused to obey the court order and pay me and I am now at the Industrial Court to press for the payment of my entitlement as ordered by the court.

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