In 2008, Fate Winslow — who was recently homeless at the time — was arrested for…

In 2008, Fate Winslow — who was recently homeless at the time — was arrested for selling marijuana to an undercover police officer in Shreveport, Louisiana. The $20 sale landed Winslow a life sentence, according to the Innocence Project New Orleans, who represented Winslow. On Wednesday, he walked free after his case was resentenced for 12 years, with credit for time already served. “He received an obscenely excessive sentence given his life circumstances and crime, and today, we are correcting that unconstitutional, inhumane sentence,” IPNO said. ⁠
(📸: Innocence Project New Orleans)

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  1. Good lord… why a life sentence? That’s just so excessive. The judge threw the book, the javelin and the wig at him. That’s absolutely crazy

  2. Jesus for a 2gram??? oh but yet when an abusive alcoholic guy with criminal records is what 4 days or less? Smh the system is broken

  3. Life, While rapist are getting probation😳… This System Needs To Be Destroy & Rebuild!!! How was this even allowed/an option🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. 12 years of his life for what’s considered a misdemeanor just shameful how years of ones life can be so disregarded and they want you to be thankful but those years he’ll never get back. Those years he has become institutionalized and will take time to reshape his thinking in the free world 😒 but this is America

  5. Ugh can we stop putting people in jail over weed? Let’s legalize it, free up the prisons, and move on already!🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. Probably part of that crime bill Biden pushed and Kamala enforced more then anyone imprisoning more minorities then Anyone in Cali history

  7. Serious question. Has anyone seen a white person sentenced like people of color? Has there been any cases which white people sentenced with excessive time for crimes they didn’t commit?

  8. I’m not American but I found this out… if you are black then u get life sentence for 10$ weed if u are White then u can have 100g cocaine and nothing will happen to you… welcome to America….


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