In order to get to the edge of the continent, you need to navigate lets a hist…

In order to get to the edge of the continent, you need to navigate #AmericasBackRoads. @CoyWire lets a historic lighthouse (and GPS) lead him to North Carolina’s Southern Outer Banks, where horses run wild and Blackbeard’s ship ran aground in the shallow, treacherous shoals of Cape Lookout.


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  1. Edge of the continent? You know that USA is a country locate it in America (Continent America) which is divided for easy understanding on North America, Central America and South America … but they all are in America Continent.

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  4. I drove pretty much the entire Outer Banks during a solo road trip in ’19 and it was other worldly! I highly recommend the Wright Brothers Memorial Museum for it’s excellent lay-out and self-guided tutorial on flight, simple and complete, it will teach you what the Wright Brothers and their sister discovered that lead to safe flying. And the seafood was pretty darn good too! 😃 #northcarolinatourism #wrightbrothersmemorial … As a side note, it’s unfortunate that political hacks have taken over this post, obviously trolls from the new soviet union and a few misguided souls.


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