In this three-part documentary series, CNN follows a group of Mexican-American v…

In this three-part documentary series, CNN follows a group of Mexican-American volunteers through the desert at the southern US border as they search for migrants who have been reported lost or missing. Check back soon for Part III.


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  1. Why people are so mean????? Despite the fact how they cross, the bodies this volunteers found every day/weeks are humans. People doesn’t have sensibility for others….. they’re not Americans and what???? They are people like everyone.

  2. Blessed are the souls of the men women and children whom try and find a better life, the comments in here are despicable, may GOD have mercy on the souls of the meek, may the people who are working to find closure for those lost in the deserts and their families always BE BLESSED, this country is built on hatred and greed, centuries ago before the white man came and stole ( colonizing many peoples) this land was fruitful and had more than enough room for all, Greed money, hatred, racism are all to blame..praying for all people #EachOneTeachOne #WeAreOne #nohate #fuckrasicm #WeAreOne

  3. You know what everyone is entitle to their own opinion but unless you have lived and experience personally how life is in Mexico and what it takes to survive here then and only then people would understand.. we cant critizise or say how simple you think it may be to comw to the U.S. I mean we have to see this logically if it were simple woulf people risk their lifes … so unless you are on the other person shoes .. we cannot just speak without knowing… but thats my opinion.. God bless all

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