INVESTIGATION: The Murder of PDP in Edo Central is a Pre-meditated Assassination. By Prince Kelly O. Udebhulu.

INVESTIGATION: The Murder of PDP in Edo Central is a Pre-meditated Assassination. By Prince Kelly O. Udebhulu.

As evidently exposed in the February 23rd elections, the progressives in Edo central knew that PDP would be murdered in Edo central in no distant time.

Thus, in the March 9, 2019 ( Yesterday) elections for the State House of Assembly memberships in Edo central, the woeful defeats of PDP by the APC in all the six (6) legislative membership slots for Edo central even in Esan North East LGA ( UROMI) didnt come as a surprise before the progressives because they saw it coming. The next Edo state governorship election is sure for APC but to complete all righteousness, any PDP candidate can participate.

This recently extinction of PDP in Esanland is a well organised political murder with different political strategists with different initiatives, coming together to throw PDP into the oblivion in Edo central inorder to exit completely the popular slogan as the PDP stronghold in Edo state. Enough is Enough !!!

According to Rt. Hon. David Iyoha;

“…like it was in the book of Daniel in the Bible, when King Belshazzar couldn’t interpret the handwriting ‘…mene, mene, tekel upharsin’ that was clearly written on the wall, so also was it very clear before the members of the PDP, that the ‘kingdom’ has been taken away from them, but unfortunately, they couldn’t interpret the handwriting until the worst eventually happened”.

The clear message to the few PDP members especially the recently elected representatives is to jump out from the sinking ship of PDP and embrace the progressives across Esanland for one purpose which is Esan Agenda otherwise refers to:

“Esan person as Edo state Governor after Governor Obaseki’s 2nd tenure”.

Other states and senatorial districts across Nigeria often embark on such massive movement to the rulung political party as previously seen in Kwara state, Akwa Ibom, Anambra state, Katsina state, etc. It wouldn’t be seen as selfishness but for the interest of Esanland and development.

Cancel the wrong permutations that Atiku can take back the Presidential seat. It is impossible. Remaining in opposition at any of the national assembly won’t do us good but more havocs. APC and the right-minded progressives await your coming soonest.


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