It had been a year since Evelyn Shaw had hugged anyone, let alone her granddaugh…

It had been a year since Evelyn Shaw had hugged anyone, let alone her granddaughter Ateret Frank. After becoming fully vaccinated, Shaw received an unusual prescription from her doctor: “You are allowed to hug your granddaughter.” When the long-awaited hug finally happened on March 1, Shaw and her 23-year-old granddaughter cried as they embraced. “It was wonderful, and it was something I’m going to remember for the rest my life,” Shaw said.⁠

We spoke with some lucky grandparents on what it was like when they were reunited with their grandchildren. Tap the link in our bio to read their heartwarming stories.

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  1. They do realize that just because you had the vaccine doesn’t mean you can’t get COVID-19? This is not a cure, just a way to prepare your body to have a lesser reaction.

  2. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. We’ve been hugging all our family since always. Grandma, great grandma and grandpa’s.

  3. So extra, you know everyone still out here hugging their families even with Covid. Most ppl dgaf, they hug their families cause they want to

  4. Funny how we fear a virus so deadly you need a test to even see if you have it. Hug whoever you want whenever you want. There’s a 99.99% chance you’ll be fine.


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