It’s never too late to get a college diploma Pat Ormond graduated from Universi…

It’s never too late to get a college diploma 🎓 Pat Ormond graduated from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga alongside her 22-year-old granddaughter earlier this month. Ormond, who said she hopes she can be an example to other nontraditional college students who want to get their degrees, is already pursuing another degree: a bachelor’s in history. Her granddaughter, Melody, is job hunting and is interested in getting a master’s in clinical psychology. “I always knew that I was going to graduate from college,” Melody said. “I just never knew that my nana was also going to be there.” ⁠

(📸: Courtesy Pat Ormond)

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  1. Lmfaooo what you gonna do with it? Be the president of the nursing home association? Nobody’s gonna hire you. And if you did it just to have an accomplishment…well then that’s just pointless.

  2. How people can have negative comments here is beyond me. Can we just celebrate other human accomplishments without being rude or snarky? This is fantastic achievement for anyone in any age! Congratulations 🎉

  3. So many dumb comments. Some people are simply interested in studying and doing something worthwhile instead of texting ignorant stuff on the Internet. Good for her!


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