“It’s utterly bizarre,” said as she described life inside Afghanistan’s capital…

“It’s utterly bizarre,” said @clarissawardcnn as she described life inside Afghanistan’s capital Kabul after the Taliban took control.


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  1. Say what you will, but this reporter is incredibly brave for being out in the scene knowing what they are doing two women and girls alike.

  2. So typical for CNN: mostly peaceful protests🤡 what is bizarre is thus fake media’s standing in this, seems like it was part of the plan too🤔

  3. You should be ashamed of the blatant lies you are telling people every day, this really takes the cake though! No one trusts your bs! Special place in hell for all at this network!!

  4. Not once did I hear them say “death to America” as the journalist claims. They were exclaiming “Allah Akbar” (God is the Greatest) and “Takbeer” to celebrate God. It’s a religious thing.

    Moreover the conservative Afghan, not just the religious, always ask women to stand aside out of respect when they see the majority in line are men. They do this to protect women.

    The above is clarification of the journalist’s misconstrued and misleading work. In no way am I supporting the Taliban or their ways, just like I never ever supported or respected America’s presence and gross violations of human rights in Afghanistan.


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