Margaret MacNeil, a gold medal-winning Canadian swimmer, has made waves in China…

Margaret MacNeil, a gold medal-winning Canadian swimmer, has made waves in China for her Chinese heritage, sparking heated discussions over the country’s decades-long one-child policy and gender discrimination. The stringent policy, in place until 2016, led to female infants being abandoned and even killed due to a traditional preference for sons among many Chinese families. That has left the country with a deeply skewed sex ratio at birth, and a surplus of more than 30 million men. For many Chinese internet users, especially women, MacNeil’s victory has served as a vivid reminder of the pernicious legacy of the decades-long policy, and still widespread gender inequality. Tap the link in our bio to learn more.⁠

(📸: Martin Meissner/AP)

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  2. Yeah. They threw millions and millions of little girls away like trash. Please talk about this some more.

  3. I mean, the one child policy is a good thing there. Imagine how many more people there would be, we have a finite amount of resources on earth. We should really have that here in the States cause some people just shouldn’t have kids 😅


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