Mayaki failed as Chief Press Secretary to Godwin Obaseki

Mayaki failed as Chief Press Secretary to Godwin Obaseki

As interim Press Secretary, John Mayaki was one of the earliest appointees in Obaseki’s government; his office was sufficiently funded and he had a blank cheque to operate upon

However, I saw John Mayaki and a few other elements dishing out articles, write-ups almost on a daily basis which of course was a crass deviation from his primary assignment

Mayaki was employed to showcase the developmental projects and workings of Godwin Obaseki; people actually wanted to see what Godwin Obaseki was doing and this John Mayaki failed to showcase out of shere incompetence and a clear misunderstanding of his role as Press Secretary

We started hearing of Obaseki’s achievements via news items, press statements and realistic picture effects after John Mayaki was sacked from Osadebey Avenue

Some of us who have never been on Obaseki’s employ have done more propagation than Mayaki as it concerns showcasing the good works of the Obaseki-led administration

Anyone who cannot justify the essence of his employment through performance, engagement and creativity is a total failure

Where Edo people could not connect with the workings of Obaseki while Mayaki held sway as interim Chief Press Secretary is a clinical suggestion that John Mayaki failed as Chief Press Secretary

John Mayaki may be good in terms of articulating issues but he is not a competent press man

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