Messages supporting US Capitol Police officers are being posted in a tunnel betw…

Messages supporting US Capitol Police officers are being posted in a tunnel between the Capitol and House office buildings after Wednesday’s Capitol attack. “Thank you for your bravery, courage and service,” said one sign. “You are our heroes,” said another.

(📸: Caroline Brehman/CQ-Roll Call/Getty Images, Ali Zaslav/CNN)

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  1. They literally walked them in . If I have a respect for any officer it’s Mr Eugene . It’s was huge failure by police .

  2. What are we thanking them for? Letting the rioters in with little to no defense or how about taking selfie’s with them🤨yeah I’m not thanking them🙄

  3. ✨don’t forget to thank the cops who took selfies with the white supremacists and nazis!! and the ones who just let them walk in! we owe them our life, our hearts, thoughts and prayers, we love the officers who didn’t do shit! wonderful, let’s praise them!!!✨

  4. Now the left suddenly love and support the police! What good hearts they have. Thank you righteous CNN thank you for not being completely narrative driven🙏

  5. Thank you??? For what???? They didnt dp shit n Most of em just let those hill billies do w.e they wanted. 🤦🏽‍♀

  6. Why are we thanking the capital police officers when they didn’t stop and armed rebellion? We should be investigating them and putting them in jail for risking the lives of our government officials, aiding and abetting a seditious rebellion, and doing a very poor job at protecting The Constitution?


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