Moments before he was killed, Daunte Wright called his mother and told her he go…

Moments before he was killed, Daunte Wright called his mother and told her he got pulled over. She had no idea it would be the last time she would speak with her son. The 20-year-old needed to get insurance information, his mother Katie Wright said. She said she could hear the police and her son struggling. “When I called back, the girl that he had in the car answered the phone, and it was on FaceTime. And she was crying and screaming and said that they shot him. And then she pointed the phone towards the driver’s seat and my son was laying there, unresponsive. That was the last time that I seen my son,” she said, sobbing. “That’s the last time I heard from my son. And I’ve had no explanation since then.” Tap the link in our bio to learn more.⁠

(📸: John Minchillo/AP)

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  1. 🗣 She will be charged with second-degree manslaughter in connection with Wright’s death, Washington County Attorney Pete Orput announced. The charge carries a maximum penalty of 10 years behind bars.

  2. Taking care and raising a son for 20 years. Only to have a cop say. “Oops, I used the wrong gun. My bad”

  3. I think it was just a simple minded wish that when Biden elected, everything will be better… it takes time, but for how long? How much lives spent in a meantime? 😢

  4. My heart breaks for this mom. No matter if her son tried to flee the scene. Her last memories of him are tragic. 😢

  5. Why would you ring your mother then end up in a situation that police having to tazer you? Something doesn’t sound right here.

  6. 💔💔🤎🤎🤎💔💔my heart breaks for this mother. As a fellow mother of a black boy, we all mourn as one.

  7. Does the woman that Daunte choked at gunpoint matter???? you know the one he had a warrant out for? HER LIFE MATTERS .

  8. Any body ever consider what the man did to put him self in the position of having the police arrest him in the first place?


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