Most US states have statutes with penalties for bias-motivated crimes, but not a…

Most US states have statutes with penalties for bias-motivated crimes, but not all of them require data collection on these hate crimes. Without state data collection, not only does national data on hate crimes remain incomplete, but vulnerable communities are less likely to receive support. Without dedicated resources, law enforcement agencies might not be trained to spot and report hate crimes accurately, creating the impression that hate crimes may be occurring with far less frequency than is accurate.⁠

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  1. All this racism needs to stop and I still post the best stocks to watch every single morning.

  2. Not shocked at the 3 backasswards states who don’t bother to legislate against hate crimes. Shameful.

  3. Shocker all republican states. Ya aren’t going to have legislation in states who don’t care about the people who the crimes are against.

  4. Are we talking about hate crimes and the police are natives American people on their land 🤔 are in are schools are in are hospitals Now Now come on🤔🤔🤔🤔

  5. How could Mississippi and Alabama of all the states not require this as law when it’s a known fact that racism was raised in the South🤔

  6. Democrats are the ones who systematically mistreat Asians. Look no further than college admissions


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