By. Hon. Henshaw Oligbi

A critical follow up of ugly trend in, print media, social media and electronic media of recent, revealed the inhuman treatments fellow Nigerian are being given in foreign land.

This obnoxious act cut across countries and continents, from Ghana, Libya, Kuwait, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate, etc.

The infamous slavery treatment melted on a Nigeria citizen in Kuwait and the wicked and awkward viral video of a lady’s mouth serving as an Arab man of United Arab Emirate toilet, that has been on social medial for couple of weeks now vis a viz the alleged murder of a Nigerian by South African police, the case of Zainab Aliyu in Saudi Arabia is evident enough that Nigerians are gradually stripped of human dignity in foreign communities.

The Libya slave trade market and the Ghana debacle against Nigerian migrant is an eye opener that Nigerians are now endangered species among committee of nations.

It is therefore incumbent on Nigerian citizens home and abroad to acknowledged this fact and strive to be conscious of the environment they dwell on. But, it is more germane to call on the government to wake up to its responsibility of fixing Nigeria and protecting her citizen both at home and abroad. It is a clarion call on the Federal Government to immediately investigate the video of that lady that was so humiliated by that idiot Arabian in United Arab Emirate, for his action is not only criminal, inhuman, sacrilegious but defile all sense of human dignity of the lady involved. Also to be immediately investigated is the slavery treatment video that is viral where a kuwaitis was seen beaten a Nigerian with his two hands and body tied to a chair. This is expedient because most Nigerians had automatically developed bad blood against citizens of these countries that are leaving in Nigeria. This nation Foreign Affair ministry and the Ambassadors of Nigeria in these countries must unearthed these heinous crime against Nigerians or Nigeria renegotiate her diplomatic relationship with these countries. A trade ban on United Arab Emirate for instance will force her government to produce the bastard Arabian that melted such inhuman treatment on that lady.

Finally, I urge Nigerian youths to look more inward in search of opportunity to earn a legitimate life as the unemployment rate in Nigeria is only calling on us to embrace creativity and hand work as a panacea. The government at all level should guaranteed the dignity of human life which is a charter of the United Nation and the basis of all constitution around the world in other to eradicate Nigerians being an endangered species among committees of Nations.

By. Hon. Henshaw Oligbi.

Hon. Henshaw Oligbi is a political analyst, a politician and a grassroot mobilizer.

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