No Teachers in our schools, principals cry out

No Teachers in our schools, principals cry out

Principals of public secondary schools in Edo Central Senatorial District has cried out to Esan Youths Movement (EYM) to help prevail on the Edo State Government to post more teachers to their schools to help teach most of the subjects lapses they are currently having in terms of teaching staff.

This was revealed by some principals of schools interviewed by following the poor performance of public schools in the recently concluded Edo Central Science and Mathematics Quiz Competition.

Some of the principals who spoke under condition of anonymity, expressed sadness on the present state of public schools in Edo Central. For instance one of the principal in Esan Central LGA said “in this whole Senior Secondary Session, we only have 3 teachers to handle most of the subject. This is why we could not even feature our students in the quiz programme.”

Some of the public school principals who managed to feature students in the quiz programme find it very difficult to compete favourably with their counterpart in the well funded and adequately staffed private schools.

The principals therefore appeal to EYM to help them reach out to the state Government through the Ministry of Education and state teaching service to supply teachers to the public schools in Esan land to teach some of the science subjects that will equip the students with the capacity and ability to compete in this kind of innovative competition in future.

The President of EYM Comrade Kingsley Ohens assured the principals that he will use his office to ensure the Edo state Government do the needful by sending teachers to Edo Central Public Schools and help cover up the lapses. Developing Education is not only in building structures. Providing teachers is the most important. Its not the building that make the schools but the teachers” he said.

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