Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf announced last week that the city will launch a guara…

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf announced last week that the city will launch a guaranteed income project to give hundreds of Black and Indigenous families and people of color $500 per month for 18 months. Similar initiatives were introduced in Newark, New Jersey, and Atlanta last year. “The poverty we all witness today is not a personal failure, it is a systems failure,” Schaaf said. “Guaranteed income is one of the most promising tools for systems change, racial equity and economic mobility we’ve seen in decades.” ⁠

(📸: Ben Margot/AP)

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  1. So u have to be of color to get income help during a pandemic, yeah cause white people are living lavishly right now…

  2. I don’t understand why it’s just for black and indigenous people. Poverty and hunger has no colour or race.

  3. You can’t be white, so yes strings attached. I would encourage the good business owners of Oakland to leave and bankrupt the city.

  4. Great… but there are white low income families that need this as well.. don’t discriminate ..

  5. How is this racial equity if you’re only giving it to people of color? Do you not understand that’s the literal definition of racism? Y’all want to end systemic racism yet implement it😂

  6. Only low income families of color? if that sentence said only low income families that were white it would be considered racist. Smh

  7. I see no other reason for them to only give it to indigenous and black people other than to incite racism, poverty and hunger knows no race, I’m indigenous and this seems wrong to me.


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