By: Desmond Agbama, CPS to Oba of Benin


By: Desmond Agbama, CPS to Oba of Benin

His Royal Majesty, Ewuare II, Oba of Benin has offered special thanksgiving to God Almighty for a successful Ugie Ododua and Ugie Ivie ceremonies.

The special thanksgiving took place at Holy Aruosa Cathedral, the Edo National Church on Akpakpava Road in Benin City.

The officiating Priest of Holy Aruosa Cathedral, Ohen-Osa Harrison Okao told the congregation to continue to revere the great Benin Monarch whom he described as source of pride to the Benin people.

Ohen-Osa Harrison Okao said people should endeavour to obey the laws of the land and support every pronouncement or programme of His Royal Majesty, adding that OmoN’Oba is God representative on earth, and the Oba’s words remain his bond.

The Ohen-Osa said all the enemies of the OmoN’Oba and indeed Benin Kingdom would be put to shame and brought down one after the other and admonished youths to refrain from money rituals as it was not part of Benin culture and tradition.

Ohen-Osa Harrison Okao stressed the need for Enigie and Edionwere in Benin Kingdom to live in their villages and seek peace for the overall development of the area and warned those making unguided comments in the social media to desist or face the consequences of their actions.

The clergy admonished the congregation to live truthfully with one another as there is reward from God for every good done to humanity.

Highpoint was the special thanksgiving by His Royal Majesty, Ewuare II accompanied by Oloi, members of the Benin Royal family, Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki, Chiefs and Enigie.
Pupils of South-Point Royal Academy took their turn to entertain, and they were presented with cash gift by OmoN’Oba and other guest present.

The thanksgiving was attended by members of the Benin Royal family, Chiefs, Enigie, Edionwere, Market women, Youths as well as political office holders.

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