Obaseki Cabinet Reshuffle, A Rejig Of The People’s Confidence

Obaseki Cabinet Reshuffle, A Rejig Of The People’s Confidence

By Zibiri Mohammed

In the history of Nigerian democracy, godfatherism is fast becoming an endemic doctrine that has began to erode and limit the capacity of elected representatives to deliver on their campaign promises of empowering the people and delivering the highly desired dividends of democracy to the people.

The hitherto composition of Godwin Obaseki’s government prior to his move of liberation executed and achieved on June 17th, 2019, could be likened to an extension of the 2012-2016 administration of the former Governor. That arrangement, saw only those that were nominated by the former Governor, appointed into offices from the highest political office to the least political office in the state including the incumbent Governor’s immediate political domain. How worst could a godfather be when he could nominate and cause to be appointed all Commissioners, Special Advisers and Personal Aides of the Governor and Deputy to say the least?

So, from inception of Obaseki administration, it was clear that the state cabinet was wickedly skewed as an extension of the politically leprous hand of an inordinate godfather with an insatiable desire for power, who having tasted the spoils of state office sworn not to relinquish same. In the midst of the godfatherised state of affairs, Governor Obaseki surprised political pundits who marvelled at his uncommon political benevolence and penchant for tranquility by accepting and inheriting a cabinet and a system he made no inputs to put in place.

However, the recent cabinet reshuffle in Edo State has turned out to be a rejig of the people’s confidence and the needed assurance that Obaseki would rather serve the people than the godfather. It has also brought unimaginable shock to a myriad of political shenanigans who had hitherto underrated the political pragmatism of Governor Obaseki. This shock has resulted in continuous lamentation and reckless expression of frustration by the negligible few dark agents of the agonizing godfather, whose quest for a perpetual control of the state resources has been devastatedly punctured beyond repairs.

Despite the political infantile babbling and cooing embedded in the cries applified by the blackmailing agents of the godfather, Edo people have shown their unwavering supports and commitments to the performing Wake and See Governor and his Deputy who have demonstrated enough readiness and determination NOT TO SHARE the common resources of the state to a few disgruntled political players but use such resources for the overall development and advancement of the state to the Next Level.

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