Okhuoehiomwan Season 2 (New Movie) / Trending 2020 Recommended Nigerian Indigenous Benin Movie

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There is a mystery behind how lavishly he loves his wise; to the amazement of his own family, and the mystery has to be unraveled. .

STARRING: Ebony Obasuyi, Mama Pat, Austin Nyz, Marris Iyamu, Prince Eni Obasuyi, and other beautiful artists.
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A Movie Produced and Directed by Ebony Obasuyi

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Okhuoehiomwan 2 – https://youtu.be/F6BmUdOKyts

Okhuoehiomwan 3 – https://youtu.be/A9MqE9qm3Wc

Okhuoehiomwan 1 – https://youtu.be/R-CPBZUCCZ4

Okhuoehiomwan Clip – https://youtu.be/dlua3C8vB2w

Girls Mistakes – https://youtu.be/yN6ZU-Ccq2M

Be Nice Always – https://youtu.be/Y2ZKK2yWJzo

Be Contempted – https://youtu.be/z55nIz2O7-s

FRENEMIES – https://youtu.be/SQ7m9F_VRz4

LIFE LESSONS 1 – https://youtu.be/Hlcoh8U-JcE

CONFUSED MINDS MAKING – https://youtu.be/Pcx3W9919aQ

INSTAGRAM QUEEN CLIP – https://youtu.be/JbYZjIgYJbs

NAGGING WIVES MAKING – https://youtu.be/4T6K1S2NSj0

NAGGING WIVES TRAILER – https://youtu.be/86yWPbFXH4A

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