One city in Texas found a way to help homebound seniors get their vaccine — and …

One city in Texas found a way to help homebound seniors get their vaccine — and it’s become a model across the state. Corpus Christi’s program, called “Save our Seniors,” started by calling recipients of the Meals on Wheels, an organization that delivers meals to homebound residents, and asking if they would like to schedule their vaccination appointment. Then, firefighters visit them in their homes to administer the vaccine. To date, more than 2,000 residents have been vaccinated. The state has deployed more than 1,100 National Guardsmen to assist in efforts and dedicated 8,000 vaccines for the program to distribute.⁠

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  1. Say no to Biden and Harris government. Bring back our Trump to make America great again. 😢😢

  2. And in New York and Michigan they found a way to kill off all the seniors. I wonder what the difference is between these states?

  3. Every city should be doing this. There are people that don’t have computers and/or cell phones, especially the elderly.

  4. It’s a good initiative. Just a question, how are they transporting the vaccines which I thought are temperature sensitive and need be stored at extremely low temp?

  5. We can be assured Abbot, Cruz nor Cronyn had absolutely nothing to do with this !! So to whomever did so, you are an angel to these people!!


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