Organizers of New York City Pride banned the New York Police Department from the…

Organizers of New York City Pride banned the New York Police Department from their events until 2025, saying their appearance threatens members of the community. “The sense of safety that law enforcement is meant to provide can instead be threatening, and at times dangerous, to those in our community who are most often targeted with excessive force and/or without reason,” said Heritage of Pride, the nonprofit that plans NYC Pride events. A spokesperson for the NYPD said this is “disheartening and runs counter to our shared values of inclusion and tolerance.”⁠

(📸: Anthony Behar/Sipa USA/AP)

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  1. Dont really agree with this cause gay police officers should be able to go support them but it is what it is ig

  2. Wow remember when people used to protest pride events and the police were there to keep the event safe What a shame

  3. This makes me sad…police need to be a positive, active part of the community. I know there are bad cops but many are trying to do their best to protect and serve.

  4. So hypothetically speaking, if an anti-gay person drove through the parade crowd or something, who will be there to protect you all and organize the chaos that would happen?

  5. Absolutely ridiculous!!! We need to police presence at large events and all over the city. We don’t have enough to begin with. Look at what the city has turned into. What a shame!

  6. I can understand, I imagine they paid private security that will respect the community they are paid to serve. Makes since to me.

  7. Don’t contact 911 if ,god forbid, somethings happens at the event…. since “the sense of safety can be threatening and dangerous too”


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