OSM Commends Gov. Godwin Obaseki and His Deputy Rt. Hon. Comrade Philip Shaibu On Quality Governance…

OSM Commends Gov. Godwin Obaseki and His Deputy Rt. Hon. Comrade Philip Shaibu
On Quality Governance…

THE gold fish, like the saying goes, has no hiding place. It is the good things a person placed in a leadership position, and his non-stylized form of governance that speak for him, and makes him win the heart of many, friends and foes inclusive; not the ethnically- biased mind attached to a leader’s style of governance, his loots, abandonment
of projects, lip-services, and governance and democracy strewn around family and clannish interest.
It could matter to the few benefitting from such boxed leadership but definitely not to the interest of generality of the masses they are supposed to serve.

Governor Godwin Obaseki through his quality governance has continued to be showered with accolades by those who truly appreciate what principle of true leadership entails; the dynamic, focused and detribalized leadership found in Governor Obaseki is doing in the state.
People say he is about the most cherished and appreciated
Governor Edo State has ever had considering the fact that the commendations that has been very out-pouring on him cut across the three senatorial districts of the State and beyond, and not just from one district that is being favoured to the detriment of others.

Many prominent Edolites, and non-Edolites, the high and low, have been pouring encomiums on the wake and see’ governor to the envy of those leaders that were privileged to be in leadership positions in the country but never performed,
but were rather interested in siphoning money, stashing them in boxes and carried to abroad and buying expensive buildings in Europe and America, and building refineries in foreign lands while majority of those they claim to be representing kept languishing in abject penury, hunger and constant gnashing of their teeth.

Our encounter with some local government council chairmen across the state recently, further lent weight to the genuine happiness and expression of purpose Edolites have been pouring on governor Obaseki’s good leadership qualities.
“I think he is one governor with highest number of encomiums so far in the country if we have a way of carrying
out the statistics.” A highly-elated Hon. Eghe Ogbemudia said of the governor during a courtesy visit by OSM to her office, sincerely acknowledged the good work the Deputy Governor has been doing across the state, saying that he and the State Governor are truly a God-fearing team willing to deliver the dividends of democracy not only through infrastructural development to the masses, but also through health-care delivery.

Hon. Austin the Esan North East Local Government Council Chairman while speaking on governor Obaseki’s achievements so far, said the governor has brought great pride to Edo State through his quality leadership which he said is daily being positively commented on by those with fore-sight, and through his heart-warming activities, has been able to carve a perfect niche for himself by being one of the most distinguished governors in the country today having performed exceptionally well.
The Edo State Chief of Staff, Mr. Taiwo Akirele described Governor Obaseki as a good manager of people and resources which explained why he is steadily making rapid incursion into more progressive governance and being seen as a template by others in leadership positions that were being sluggish in their approach to things to start buckling up.
Hon. Lawani Damian member representing Etsako Central Constituency, on his part said the State under the governor’s watch, has witnessed an all-round development which has even brought smile on the faces of even his critics, saying that shows he is doing what is in line with many people’s aspiration as even non-Edolites have joined in commending his good work in the state.
He said the Governor’s astute style of leadership
coupled with his prudent management of resources has placed the state in the enviable
position it is currently witnessing.
“Many initially found it difficult to believe that with the state under the recession period, like the entire country, when Governor Obaseki came on board as the executive governor will not witness any meaningful development as he would find it difficult to do anything tangible because of the withered state of the drooping economy then, but like courageous man that he is, he took up the gauntlet and tried with the limited resources available to start ushering in development to the amazement
of all which he spread across board, and that today has been the very spring-board of development Edos have been yearning for to have.”
Infrastructural decays and abadoned building by our own legendary Dr. S. O Ogemudia have been attended to and other of his numerous developmental engagements, and the most recent he embarked on that has now placed Edo State on the international map, that is talking of the National Sport Festival to be hosted in Edo State and National Cultural Festival also to be hosted in Edo State. Hon. Demain Lawani said, are the distinguishing factors and living testimonies that place him in a bestriding position as a colossus when compared to what obtains in some other states in the country.

On Governor Obaseki second term bid, Senator Dr. Domingo Obende a former senator of the federal republic of Nigeria said his second coming to Government House Osadebe Avenue, is already a foregone conclusion as he had done what would earn him automatic ticket even without his canvassing for it.
He added that the Governor’s achievement so far has been unprecedented; saying that on every one’s lip is praise and commendation for the governor over the good work he has been doing, saying any political party thinking that it would be able to un-sit the incumbent government in the state is only dreaming beyond the realm of empty imagination.

Hon Marvelous Muhizu Zibiri, SSA to the Governor on Political matters commended Governor Obaseki for being able to hold tenaciously to the confidence reposed on him by Edo people. He described the Governor as simply wonderful especially as he is generally seen and regarded as a highly detribalized leader who feels that what is good for the goose is equally good for the gander unlike most leaders in high positions in the country who like enthroning ethnic and tribal sentiments, bias, and unwarranted
chauvinism into their political style of leadership and play down on general welfare of the masses they represent. He said even when his tenure was not time-honoured, just beginning, he started off well, leaving a living signal to the good people of Edo State that he had come to work and raise the state beyond what he met, saying that Governor Obaseki has, like a true successor been working assiduously to show his predecessors that he is a worthy successor, his past predecessors will be proud of.

While congratulating the governor on his numerous achievements so far, he enjoined all Edo North indigenes
and other Edolite to continue giving their support to governor Godwin Obaseki and Rt. Hon. Philip Shaibu.

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