Over half a million Texans are still under boil water notices more than a week a…

Over half a million Texans are still under boil water notices more than a week after a winter storm brutalized large swaths of the South, leaving millions without water and power for days. “Even though the power is on and the water pressure is normalized, there are thousands of homes and apartments that have been affected because of busted pipes,” Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said Sunday. “They still do not have water, so there is a tremendous need.”⁠

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(📸: David J. Phillip/AP)⁠

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  1. I hope Texans take this horrific experience and vote for change. No one deserve this. The government failed them.

  2. I’m in Austin Texas and I still don’t have running water. We’re scooping it out of public pools with our kitchen pots at this point.

  3. Our boil advisory ended two Sundays ago and the following few days, the water was still disgusting. :/

  4. Hey, have you guys from Texas met the guys from Flint Michigan? I feel you may have a few things in common now.

  5. I’m so glad we don’t live in Texas…so many wrong things happen in that “state”…they have chosen to remain outside of the United States

  6. Welcome to native American lifestyles, now u see how stupid a 1st world country has people boiling for years

  7. This is what happens when people vote for leaders like TRUMP!

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