People in Spain who decline the coronavirus vaccine will be listed in a new regi…

People in Spain who decline the coronavirus vaccine will be listed in a new register that will be shared with other European Union nations, said Spanish Health Minister Salvador Illa. Illa said Covid-19 vaccinations would not be made compulsory, and stressed that the information in the register would not be made public, in line with Spain’s data protection laws. But health care professionals have warned that the idea presents potential dangers — with one expert expressing concerns about how it will be used. ⁠
(📸: Alvaro Calvo/Government of Aragon/Getty Images Europe)

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  1. Same should be done in USA. Especially for every single American who have called this a hoax, fought wearing masks and came up with conspiracy theories against science. They do not need to be vaccinated and should be those on that registry.

  2. So if you’re one of the few that has an allergy that leads to anaphylaxis and choose not to receive it, are you considered non-compliant?

  3. I totally believe in the vaccine — but nobody belongs on a list. I’m a moderate, centrist, anti-trump Democrat. And the far left LOVES this kind of thing. It’s what they’re fighting for. Progressive, Leftist Facism.

  4. But if the disease has killed less than 99.97 percent of the people it’s infected, why would a vaccine be important to get? There are bigger risks of dying doing everyday things so why don’t we stop them as well?


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