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Opinions reflected the yawning divide in Polish society, with Duda’s supporters emphasising the importance of what they described as traditional moral values and supporters of Trzaskowski voicing their concerns about the state of Polish democracy.

“I voted for Duda because he supports families”, said Kamila, 37, a mother-of-one who said she had not taken any interest in politics before the birth of her young son. “It’s not about finances, it’s about family values, I am not one of these rainbow flag people and I don’t want our children to be forced to learn about ‘genderism’ and these strange kinds of things.”

But Barbara, an elegantly dressed woman in her 80s, said she had voted for Trzaskowski because she was sick of five years of PiS rule. “We want to have peace, to be governed by cultured people, not by the boorish thieves that we have now, people who debase others and are constantly stirring things up. This rabble will never sober up.”

In the smaller nearby town of Karczew, where the congregation of the local church had just left their mid-morning mass and were on their way to the polling stations, opinions were divided along similar lines.

“My candidate is the current president,” said Marcin, 39, the church organist. “He represents certain values that I share, above all the religion of Christianity, which is the bedrock of our culture and that of all of Europe. I’m against the promotion of homosexual unions and these kinds of things because family is the bedrock of this country.”

But Ewa, 67, a pensioner who had also just been to Mass, said that although she did not identify as a liberal, she would be voting for Trzaskowski out of concern about the ruling party’s dramatic accumulation of power since it was first elected in 2015.

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