Politics Of The Mind Versus Politics Of Development: Why Obaseki May Need To Stay In Office 2020 And Beyond…. By Eseosa Ewere, Benin City

Politics Of The Mind Versus Politics Of Development: Why Obaseki May Need To Stay In Office 2020 And Beyond

By Eseosa Ewere, Benin City

A clinical look at the subject of discourse in this article will further expose readers and analysts to the need for us to build a solid political institution that transcends a class political attitude thereby creating an offensive divide between the politically powerful and the less politically empowered

Before now, anyone that was able to rob shoulders with elements in power was known to be politically powerful; once you were able to disrupt a political process or cause commotion within localities, you were rewarded with juicy political appointments or life-changing contracts and in a space of six (6) months or thereabout, you were already swimming in oceans of millions; taxpayers money

A situation where a singular individual without traceable work history and identifiable, legitimate source of income swims in millions of taxpayers money is an ungodly disservice not only to taxpayers, but to highly cerebral individuals with the intellectual wherewithal and skill, yet relegated because they cannot fire a weapon

Obaseki’s political approach and style may be allien to regular politicians, thugs, and food-is-ready political actors, but at a time, it is the one-last-straw required to break the back of the camel of underdevelopment, selective and class empowerment

It is no longer news that even majority Party faithfuls have decried publically and privately this approach; however, a vast majority of Edo people for whom the Governor and his cabinet owes primary responsibility tend to appreciate this style; yet they will not be there when the our Party’s primary election for Edo2020 holds

The primary election of every party is the most critical of every election; it is the in-house process that throws up a candidate that will fly the flag of the party he belongs in a political contest against opposition partys; if one is not careful and strategic enough, he might lose the primary election irrespective of his seeming popularity

The politics of development that Gov. Godwin Obaseki has displayed in the three (3) years of his administration is a radical deviation from the politics of the mind that once held sway in our body polity

While the politics of development focuses on deploying small amount of public funds to advance human-capital and infrastructural development, the politics of the mind is a direct opposite action that focuses on deploying large chunk of tax payers money to advance the agenda of a handful of individuals, which most often than not is at variance with the expectations of the larger majority, and out of place in modern politics

A Governor with the politics of development approach quickly fathoms how he can advance development with as small as One Million (N1, 000, 000. 00) Naira for example; whereas the Governor with politics of the mind approach can without thinking twice, direct One Billion (1, 000, 000, 000. 00) Naira just to service the stomach of one (1) or two (2) individuals; a typical example of stomach infrastructure of you like

Stories of how people use to smile out of Osadebey Avenue whenever they visited; similar stories of how they use to pull out ghana-must-go bags saddled with public funds continually rents the air these days; majority of these story tellers we once thought had passion for a greater Edo; their narrative just now however gives one reasons to query their Edoness; like I always say; those days are gone we must face the realities of the Obaseki approach, roll up our sleeves and work; Obaseki has shown that he does not need crowd, noise making, mudslinging, oppressionism, touting, agberoism, praise-singing, he’s a chair there, he’s a state, ais for the leader, clear road for the leader, ugbovbiohun and so on and so forth to succeed

While we may not be able to yet compare the level and/or standard of development in Edo with those ongoing in mega Cities as Lagos, Port-Harcourt, FCT, Kano, Uyo and the likes, there is however a complimentary factor of sincerity of purpose, transparency and drive in the Obaseki governance style; and going by the array of developments that greets communities in Edo, particularly the administrative and economic capital, Benin City, there may be need to stay Obaseki in office 2020 and beyond

It is now pertinent to draw Mr. Governor’s attention to certain monuments in Benin City that needs urgent attention; it is glorious to note that Guinness Nig Plc has signed a pact with the Ministry of Environment and Public Utilities to refurbish the Ramat Park in Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area; without much elaboration, the Ring Road and the various traditional monuments depicting the rich cultural heritage of the Benin nation begs for attention; being the City centre and a cynosure of all eyes, there is need to continually appropriate to the Ring Road preventive and corrective maintenance; in this regard, the Ministry of Arts, Culture, Tourism and Diaspora Affairs, that of Environment and Public Utilities and the Oba Palace must quickly join heads to take needs assessment towards correcting the defaced traditional monuments at Ring Road; the Governor must give this directive however

Gov. Godwin Obaseki is a gift to Edo State; coming on the hills of popular acceptability; he is modest, not garrulous, highly professional and a quintessential phenomenon; to state that Godwin Obaseki has exhibited politics of development over and above politics of the mind as explained in this piece is in order

While the songs of Edo2020 continue to rent the air in Edo State, the generalissimos of our Party, the APC must look inward, they must be willing, resolute and dogged enough to sacrifice the feelings and sentiments of a small group of mind politicians for the overall interest of the generality of Edo people afterall, the reason we are here is to serve

The world watches in anxiety; Edo has become a force to reckon with in Nigerian politics; there is a lot however to be done in advancing her people and course at the local and international levels; whether we are able to elevate politics of development over and above politics of the mind depends largely on the decisions, actions and inactions we take before and during Edo2020

Eseosa Ewere contributed this piece from Ward 6, Ikpoba-Okha LGA, Benin City

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