President Biden used the latest mass shooting to offer his most vocal push for g…

President Biden used the latest mass shooting to offer his most vocal push for gun control since taking office, saying the deaths of 10 people at a grocery store in Colorado Monday afternoon should jolt Washington and the nation into action. He pushed a pair of House-passed gun reforms, including a universal background checks measure and an assault weapons ban. Tap the link in our bio for more on Biden’s call for new gun control efforts.


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  1. Today’s fact: Scientists discovered traces of cannabis on the pipes found in William Shakespeare’s garden.

  2. Well in this country we have a thing called a constitution. He’s not a king. How about we use the process the constitution allows??

  3. So when the police shoot someone, you all blame the officer. When a POS lunatic shoots people, you all blame the guns🤔. What the fuck is wrong with you people?!

  4. maybe help peoples mental health? and by the way majority of guns causing crime are bought ILLEGALLY which means the black market is going to be booooming

  5. The person that pulled the trigger could have been stopped with a gun, if more guns were with the people. RIP USA, your freedom is beginning to colapse

  6. This is ridiculous! WHEN will we hold the person with the weapon accountable instead of the weapon??

  7. the fact they wouldn’t release his name yesterday was proof he wasn’t a white guy; if he was some right-wing white guy his name would’ve been released 90 seconds after they arrested him and all his social media would be the front page of NYT and CNN with stories about WHITE TERRORISM!!


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