President Trump offered a frank defense of himself when questioned about new rep…

President Trump offered a frank defense of himself when questioned about new reporting on the minimal amount in income tax he’s paid: “I don’t want to pay tax.” It was a defense that amounted to Trump saying the tax loopholes for wealthy Americans are there to exploit — even if, at the same time, he tried to claim he’s paid “millions of dollars” in taxes in the first years of his presidency.


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  1. Trump paid millions in tax…it’s a straight up lie. Anyone believing that shit is a sheep for real…all that shit achieved is prompting an investigation into The NY Times about where they illegally acquired that info. Shot in the foot (D)

  2. None of us wants to pay tax yet we have to! Trump should have to pay his share and they should make him pay back taxes. Otherwise why do any of us have to pay??

  3. 47 years and Biden didn’t fix those tax loop holes up😂… I’m no billionaire and I also look for LEGAL ways to save paying tax😂😂😂😂 !!! Pure financial logic …

  4. He legally utilized tax cuts related to real estate. All legal. Clearly people who have an issue with this dont invest in real estate.

  5. He could only bankrupt so many businesses; now he’s bankrupting our country. He thinks he’s been given the ultimate blank check and no one is stopping him. #Godhelpus #voteblue2020

  6. Trump needs to FIRE his campaign team! They failed him. They did not prepare him to be presidential. Debate #1 Trump loses !!! 🇺🇸
    Biden Harris 2020 🇺🇸🙏❤️


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