Princess Diana’s wedding dress will go on public display at Kensington Palace af…

Princess Diana’s wedding dress will go on public display at Kensington Palace after her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, agreed to loan the item. The dress, designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, features sequins encrusted along its lengthy train and an antique Carrickmacross lace that had originally belonged to Queen Mary, Diana’s great-grandmother-in-law.The dress belongs to Prince William and Prince Harry, who have loaned it to the palace for the display, Historic Royal Palaces said. The public can view the item from June at the royal residence in west London where Diana lived.⁠

(📸: Fox Photos/Hulton Royals Collection/Getty Images)

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  1. This is the only proper royal to my knowledge geeezzzz they treated this woman like shit yet she had the grace and class like a human a respectable human suppose to have let alone a royal… that family ain’t what people think they are in the slightest

  2. Do ya’ll think Megan’s fate will be as Diana’s?!😑 …. I don’t trust this family ☠👽

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  4. Glad I’m not a common wealth citizen whose tax money gets spent on dresses for people with pretend jobs

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  7. this is totally unnecessary. hear me out. THE SOD CHARLES SHOULD HAVE JUST MARRIED CAMILLA THE FIRST TIME and Diana would still be around today… Bunch of sods in that family…

  8. I feel bad for prince Charles that dude got married in 1981 and his mom still ain’t dead lol what kinda food she’s been eating


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