Queen Elizabeth II sat alone during the funeral of Prince Philip, her late husba…

Queen Elizabeth II sat alone during the funeral of Prince Philip, her late husband. The royal family is strictly adhering to UK Covid-19 protocols. All guests who are not members of the same household must sit around 2 meters apart. The Queen and the late Prince Philip had been in a bubble with some members of their household.⁠

(📸: Jonathan Brady/WPA Pool/Getty Images)

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  2. This pandemic is a trip man. The Queen has to sit ALONE during her husband’s funeral. How sad.

  3. So sad. 🥺 All the News aside.. but nobody wants to loose someone.. especially not your partner. Hugs to the Queen.

  4. This breaks me heart. Not just for the Queen, but for all of the people who have lost loved ones this year and had to sit alone in their grief. Human touch and comfort is SO important.


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