Re-Obaseki Lack of Political Will to Fight Oshiomhole:…….

Re-Obaseki Lack of Political Will to Fight Oshiomhole:……. By Hon Marvelous Muhizu Zibiri… Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Edo State Governor On Political matters.

By Hon Marvelous Muhizu Zibiri… Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Edo State Governor On Political matters.

….advises Obaseki to remain focused and resolute in his task of bringing developments to the doorsteps of Edo people; says Obaseki is not alone and can never be alone: says Oshiomhole is not in contest with Obaseki for Governorship neither is he a leader who will labour to build a House and destroy it on the altar of disagreements…

What If The Sudden Love For Comrade Adams Aliu Oshiomhole By PDP Apologists Who Have Indiscriminately Vituperated His Person And Inconsiderably Threw Tantrums At Him..Is Pretentious And Attempts To Further Instigate Intra Party Squabbles In APC In Order To Capture Power?

According to ‘Eneke the bird in things fall apart’, “as men have learnt to shoot without missing I have learnt to fly without perching”. Simply puts, “for those who never before now saw anything good in Comrade Adams Oshiomhole or possessing quality deserving of recognition- to suddenly begin to pour encomium on him portrays lots of hidden agenda”, hence canvasses the need to go professional in the manner APC runs its affairs internationally ; says “the stones that one sees coming doesn’t blind the eye”.

The SSA to Edo State Governor on political matters, Hon Marvelous Muhizu Zibiri has during his interactions with notable Party faithfuls said he could recall vividly how PDP at a time became very strong, almost indomitable in Edo politics under Chief Tony Anenih of the blessed memory. And how crisis of this nature erupted between him and His Excellency Chief Lucky Nosakhare Igbinedion as Governor then and how leaders of defunt Action Congress, AC professionally took advantage of it (just the way PDP urchins are doing currently) to capture the State in favour of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole in 2007/2008.

Hon Marvelous advised that APC can’t pretend not to be aware of the rancour that disintegrated PDP and the disadvantages thereof, and the need to avoid a repetition of such a penultimate scenario .

Hon Marvelous said he was sure that APC can not afford to fall victim of same circumstances in the interest of Edo people at home and in diaspora

Hon Marvelous stated that what is currently being observed in APC family remains the handiwork of alleged aggrieved persons within its ranks and being instigated by PDP apologists who are as a matter of fact remain desperately resolute in retarding the developmental drive of Governor Godwin Obaseki. He said the process of putting an end to some obvious hullabaloo has begun and gradually yielding pleasant results, and that no amount of instigation would derail the reconciliatory move. Hopefully, it will be nipped on the board finally, not minding the noise still being echoed in some quarters.

He advise those using Comrade’s name to peddle rumour and encouraging disaffactions and spread of falsehoods in the ranks of APC and targeting Gov Obaseki to desist henceforth. Oshiomhole remains one of the pragmatic National leaders of APC and not PDP. We respect and hold him in high exteem. Our loyalty to him is unflinching and we will continue in that trend as long as APC remains, he said.

Again, that we are loyal doesn’t deter our collective resolves to throw weights behind Governor Obaseki for second term especially as he has done marvellously well to the admiration of majority of Party faithfuls and the larger majority of Edo people . God being on our sides, we will continue to ensure unalloyed support and determination to the success of Edo 2020 in favour of Mr Governor

While appreciating those with genuine intentions to render workable advices towards overcoming and finally nipping on the board pockets of challenges that are still being noticed; he wish to also mutually advise those found culpable of instigation to desist and instead begin to dissipate energies towards building a viable oppositions Party that would be saddled with constructive criticism thereby ensuring a winnable PDP in subsequent elections instead of being pretentiously dispositional to professional advices that does not go beyond the lips.

One thing is sure here that APC will appropriately deploy her internal mechanisms, as she is currently doing in putting an end to what seemed ugly in the eyes of enthusiasts , he said

Obaseki’s case is likened to the popular parable of a ‘Good Oil’ that sells itself in market without stress. You don’t need to pass through the monotonous process to sell it. On arriving the market, intending buyers rush it. The aroma attracts them and it sells as quickly as possible.

What do I really mean by this is that he has done fantastically well to the admiration of all, including those on the other divide, to the extent that there won’t be any need for Comrade to canvass a replacement of him with an angel we may not understand, Hon Marvelous said.

Being that as it may, Gov. Godwin Obaseki is not alone as purported by the professional advisers and as far as I am concerned, he can never be alone. Let it be noted however that as he’s winning, we will win with him and vice versa, and by God’s grace, there won’t be anything contrary to winning wishes by Edo people . I have absolute confidence that our support base for Him won’t be compromised. Supporting Him to succeed in His guest for infrastructural breakthroughs, economic rejuvenation and securing Party ticket to contest second term shouldn’t be misconstrued for disloyalty, disobedience or hatred for Comrade Adams Aliu Oshiomhole who we will continue to hold in high exteem

Hon Marvelous while feeding questions from concerned citizens reinterated his unalloyed stand for fairness, equity, transparency and justice in dealing with the ugly situations no matter how contradictory the situation may look.

He said APC still remains a stronger Party, and that no amount of intrusions, propaganda, falsehoods can negate her winning streaks in subsequent elections .

In another development, the SSA warned those fanning the ember of discord, division and encouraging rancour to desist henceforth, insisting that APC is one under Gov Obaseki at the State and Comrade Adams Aliu Oshiomhole at the National level .

Truth be told that it is only when there are cracks in the wall that intruders can come in. May it interest us to know that all of that cracks will soon fizzle out to the glory of God and to the advantage of the ruling Party, APC at the State . And that he was optimistic that the intra Party imbroglio would soon be a thing of the past with the qualities of personalities carefully assembled by Mr President to man the peace move. Thank God it is yielding positive results

For record purpose, Comrade Adams Aliu Oshiomhole remains our National leader undoubtedly. So, the idea of trying to redefine His worth and the political wills to make things happen to us is unnecessary . We remain Oshiomhole political children till tomorrow and we will continue to remain one as long as Democracy remains unhindered, and we won’t hesitate to put into bear the advantage of belonging to His school of thought into making Obaseki/Shaibu jostle for 2020 ticket a reality

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