Republicans are pushing hard at the state level to generally make it more diffic…

Republicans are pushing hard at the state level to generally make it more difficult to vote, and say they want to make the vote more secure, although there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Democrats are pushing to generally make voting easier. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called GOP efforts “voter suppression that is rampant and current” as she pushed a Democratic bill to create new federal voter protections. Which side wins could very much determine who controls the Senate and House in 2022 and the White House in 2024.⁠

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  1. I don’t understand why people are making a big fuss over requiring people to show their damn ID card at the polls. Most countries in the world require their citizens to show form of identification at the polls.

  2. As Malcolm X once said, “You and I have never seen democracy, all we’ve ever seen is hypocrisy!”

  3. They’re terrified, only way republicans can win is if they rig it. Every single time. Lol

  4. Can’t wait for all the angry republicans to be offended by the truth in this post. The Republican officials in Georgia got embarrassed and even if they pass this anti-democratic bullshit, our state’s staying blue. And the execs are losing their jobs next year. A promise.

  5. You should make voting more safe by having to take an IQ test before voting… Checkmate, Republicans

  6. Literally not surprised they’re trying to suppress voting rights… Republicans are scared shitless of losing😂 GoP is full of snakes 🐍

  7. They had ONE chance to become a respected political party again. But, no..they turned to the dark side. Whatever will they do when trump is jailed?

  8. Maybe its me but if you make it harder too vote for your citizens its the end off democracy, right?


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