Rutgers University is among the first US universities to require students attend…

Rutgers University is among the first US universities to require students attending classes in person this fall to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Students may request an exemption for medical or religious reasons, the university said. Otherwise, proof of vaccination will be required for all students attending in-person classes.⁠

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  1. College already requires various other vaccines. So, not hard to conceive this was added to the list. Good for them

  2. If you don’t want to get vaccinated then don’t go to Rutgers. There are plenty of other universities around. They’re just trying to protect their professors and students.

  3. listen to all the people who smoke hookah complaining about the “poison” in the vaccine

  4. wooooooooo!!!!!!!👏👏👏 normalize this like university’s normalize all other vaccine requirements

  5. Makes me even more excited about my acceptance into their law program for the fall 👏👏👏 Way to set the example!

  6. To everyone moaning and groaning: it’s a matter of public health and you’re required to get immunized for a host of other things before college. Stop acting like this is some huge new requirement. God forbid people trust science 🤦🏾‍♀️

  7. Everyone in these comments clearly hasn’t attended any school or institution if you think vaccines aren’t normally required


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