San Francisco-based startup Zipline has been using drones to deliver medical sup…

San Francisco-based startup Zipline has been using drones to deliver medical supplies to hospitals and health centers in Rwanda for years. Now the company is working with the governments of Rwanda and Ghana to support their coronavirus response efforts, co-founder and CEO Keller Rinaudo, who plans to begin deliveries in the US later this year, said. “The good news is that there is technology like this available,” Rinaudo said. “The US is falling behind and Covid-19 will be a good chance for us to step into the future and start building infrastructure for the 21st century.” ⁠

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  1. The real question is which country is going to use there resources to help save a third world country and take it as a financial loss but a moral gain lol

  2. 🤔🤔 covid isn’t hitting africa hard…this could be some eugenics operations disguised as “covid vaccines”

  3. Bill gates could end hunger but he chooses to decrease the population and control the weather.

  4. Yip air drop it on Africa like nothing while so called 1st world countries get theirs fairly easy and convenient Africa the most richest continent on this planet in resources thats been bleed dry for generation’s and invaded yet ALWAYS have been look down upon by the rest of the world… i swear there is absolutely remarkable and incredible human’s around the world with beautiful souls of every race and then you get those who is a dark cloud to this world

  5. This is how the media has mislead the world for years with misinformation. Africa basically has no Covid, life is as usual in the entire west africa and yet you talking about air dropping covid supplies? Drop that supplies in California and Florida


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